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tmas Tree Farm is located in Bath, Michigan, near Dewitt, Laingsburg, East Lansing, MSU, And we have customers from all these areas: Laingsburg, Dewitt, Bath, East Lansing, MSU, and many more places in Michigan.  There is a Christmas Tree Farm in East Lansing. A Christmas Tree Farm in Dewitt, and a Christmas Tree farm in MSU, but Anna Lovisa Tree Farm is in Bath, MI. 2515 Sandhill Road, Mason, Michigan 48 Peacock Road     Laingsburg, MI  48848. The best Christmas trees come from Anna Lovisa Tree Farm. Anna Lovisa is an amazing Christmas Tree Farm named after Anna Lovisa, our great grandmother. Anna Lovisa  started the Tree farm with savings  of her and   her Husband, before the turn of  20th century. The Christmas Tree farm, was begun a generation later, and has been continued to this day by the descendants of Anna Lovisa.

It was some decades ago that Anna Lovisa and her husband began to lay the foundation for a homestead on Babcock road. They built a family and  success for their children through their hard work, and focused their efforts on their children’s education. With their parents behind them, the children secured the homestead and began  planting the large stand of White Pines you see to the East of the main buildings, and the family farm began to take shape. 

Today, Anna Lovisa’s continuing family can be found caring for the farm and its customers. Through them, I think that the spirit of community and wholesomeness lives on at Anna Lovisa. As does the country friendliness that Bath and the surrounding  East Lansing communities are famous for.

At the Anna Lovisa Tree Farm, our goal is to help you kindle your Christmas spirit.  To let you enjoy the country setting and helpful service, as you shop for the best quality  trees and Christmas products at fair and personable prices.

About Anna Lovisa

**-- the picture you see  above is located in the sales shack,  just above  a copy of the young couple’s marriage license, behind the entry door to the sales shack.

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