New Dog Policy  at Anna Lovisa  


With the New Dog Policy for the 2022 Season, pets will no longer be permitted in the Christmas Tree areas at the Anna Lovisa Tree Farm.

Why is this new policy being put into place?

This new policy was made in response to a number of  complaints made by those without dogs, especially by those without dogs that have small children, that the farm was not sanitary with dogs being everywhere. So, now, Anna Lovisa is asking  to leave their dogs at home,  when they are shopping at Anna Lovisa.

I think we can all agree that when dogs see a treed area, and trees, they think of two things: number one and number two. And that is not their fault, but  at the same time, the safety of children must be maintained.  Just as a dog cannot be walked in a school playground in some communities, we had to separate dogs and children’s access to Anna Lovisa Tree Farm.

For this reason, dogs will be not be permitted in Christmas Tree areas.

We think this policy is the good way to let everyone still have their best experience at Anna Lovisa.


Anna Lovisa Tree Farm